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Binky is the world's cutest and sweetest cat.  He's in charge of all things fluff and fun, which is why he might dart by in a blur of fur during one of your telehealth visits or even get brave enough to come say hi when he sees you chatting in the screen!  He's very social and loves everybody, especially his sister (Kitty Baby)!  


At just 3 years old, Binky still lives at home with his parents, but he credits almost everything he knows to the Kitten Academy, which is where kittens officially learn to cat, and where you can always tune in to appreciate the frolicking, pouncing, and playing.  He also enjoys watching Simon's Cat, Pickles the Pug, and ESPN Highlights on YouTube.  His favorite author is David Michie who wrote the fictional episodic 5-book series beginning with, The Dalai Lama's Cat.  Each book is told from the cat's perspective and as far as Binky is concerned, there should be more stories like this!  Mr. Binks loves the fictional protagonist heroine – a smart, sassy, gorgeous Himalayan (just like himself!) – who is learning all about happiness and the meaning of life.  Some world famous cats that he admires are Harry Potter stars, Crookshanks and Mrs. Norris; France's existential feline, Henri, le Chat Noir (who is a tuxedo cat just like Binky's sister!); courageous Jonesy from Alien; and clever Jinxy from Meet the Fockers (who is also a Himalayan!). 

Between snacks, naps, and baths, Binky loves to chase his sister, eat lots of treats (chicken liver popsicles are the best!), take long naps on his various poufs and tuffets, play video games with his dad, and snuggle with his mom.

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