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How to Prepare for your First Appointment

Dr. Martha's approach to medicine is thorough and patient-centric, requiring longer appointment times and extensive pre-appointment questionnaires to understand each person’s in-depth health status and goals. Her private practice is designed to prioritize comprehensive, complex, and personalized healthcare, operating beyond the constraints of traditional insurance models to give each patient the level of care and attention they deserve. This meticulous method focuses on measurable health improvements, emphasizing that investing in our well-being is key to achieving optimal long-term health, happiness, prosperity, and longevity.


The first visit takes about 90 minutes and is billed at $395; follow up visits are about 30 minutes and billed at $175. There are no membership fees or contracts so patients are under no obligation to continue with us after the first visit if they choose not to – though we pride ourselves on good results and sincerely hope that won’t be the case! 


Dr. Martha sincerely wants people to get the most bang for their buck with these visits and to leave with a treatment plan in hand at the end of the very first visit. In order to make that happen, she asks that you kindly do your best to complete the new patient intake forms as thoroughly as possible and upload/email all lab testing and imaging results from the previous year. If you haven’t completed any new general health screening labs within the previous year, please let us know and Dr. Martha can order them for you (out-of-pocket costs may apply) prior to your first visit. 

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