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Before & After Photos
Scroll down to see 3 patients whose lives were transformed by Dr. Martha!

Caroline B.


I have been seeing Dr. Martha for just over 11 months. I have been a physically active gym gal since high school, and I've always tried to eat right, even tried popular diets (plant-based, Keto, Paleo, Whole30, DASH, Weight Watchers, Noom, self-directed calorie/exercise tracking apps, Intermiitent Fasting, Various "smoothie" programs. 


As I age and especially after pregnancies, losing weight became increasingly harder. As a middle-age woman, I worry more about my genetic makeup in reducing risks that are associated with being overweight. It's not a matter of just doing things the "simple" (ha!) way of dieting and exercising. I have done that for years. 


Martha's guidance and management of my obesity has been LIFE-CHANGING! I have eliminated BP medication, I’ve lost and kept off more than 50 lbs, and I have reduced my cardiovascular, diabetes, and mortality risk associated with being overweight. I am reassured that my chances of enjoying a quality life and living a longer one with my family and friends are greater, thanks to Dr. Martha. Every pound lost was gradual, and every one of those successes motivated me more to continue healthy eating and exercise. It's an amazing cycle, and a wonderful gift that Dr. Martha helped perpetuate! Her enthusiasm for the cause, excellent listening, ever-evolving competence are just some of the reasons why I recommend her. 


Go, now! It is all worth it! YOU are worth it!


Caroline Before & After Measurements & Data

Baseline 8/30/22

•Height: 5’2”

•Weight: 185.2 lbs

•BMI (goal ≤24.9, optimal ~22): 33.9 = obesity class I

•Waist Circumference (goal <35”; optimal ≤31"): 38.25" = central adiposity —> increased CV risk

•Hip Circumference: 44.75" 

•Waist:Hip Ratio (goal ≤0.85): 0.85 = central adiposity —> increased CV risk

•Waist:Height Ratio (goal ≤0.5): 0.62 = central adiposity —> increased CV risk

•Pant Size: 10-12

•Shirt Size: L-XL

•Blood Pressure (goal <120/80): 147/90 (with prescription anti-hypertensive medication)

•A1c (goal <5.7): 5.9 = prediabetes

•Fasting Ultrasensitive Insulin (goal ≤24.9): 32.7 = hyperinsulinemia

•hs-CRP (goal <3, optimal <1): 2.3 = average relative risk for CVD

•Lipid Profile (with statin, a prescription cholesterol medication)

•TC (goal <200): 230 = hyperlipidemia

•TG (goal <150): 133 = normal 

•HDL (goal >40, optimal >50): 67 = normal 

•LDL (goal <100): 136 = hyperlipidemia

3-Month F/U 12/20/22

•Height: 5’2”

•Weight: 160.6 lbs

•BMI (goal ≤24.9, optimal ~22): 29.4 = overweight 

•Waist Circumference (goal <35”; optimal <31.5"): 35" = central adiposity —> increased CV risk

•Hip Circumference: 43.75"

•Waist:Hip Ratio (goal ≤0.85): 0.8 = normal 

•Waist:Height Ratio (goal ≤0.5): 0.56 = central adiposity —> increased CV risk 

•Blood Pressure (goal <120/80): 116/88 (with half dose prescription anti-hypertensive medication)

•A1c (goal <5.7): 5.1 = normal 

•Fasting Ultrasensitive Insulin (goal ≤24.9): 15.2 = normal 

•hs-CRP (goal <3, optimal <1): 0.8 = low relative risk for CVD

•Lipid Profile (statin stopped)

•TC (goal <200): 156 = normal 

•TG (goal <150): 96 = normal 

•HDL (goal >40, optimal >50): 50 = normal 

LDL (goal <100, optimal ≤70): 87 = normal 

10-month F/U 7/7/23

•Height: 5’2”

•Weight: 130 lbs 

•BMI (goal ≤24.9, optimal ~22): 23.8 = normal weight

•Waist Circumference (goal <35”; optimal ≤31”): 31” = optimal

•Hip Circumference: 36.6”

•Waist:Hip Ratio (goal ≤0.85): 0.85 = normal

•Waist:Height Ratio (goal ≤0.5): 0.5 = normal

•Pant Size: 4-6

•Shirt Size: S

•Blood Pressure (goal <120/80): 104/62 (no medication)

•Total Weight Lost: 55.2 lbs

•Total % Body Weight Lost: ~ 30%

Jake K.


I’m a little biased because I’m a part-owner of this business, but….Dr. Martha helped me lose over 50 pounds with ease over a 6 month period. No fancy diets, still got to have ice cream and freezer pizzas!!! I found that my appetite decreased dramatically, but I definitely never went hungry. I was on a bad trajectory before Dr. Martha began helping me and now I'm in the best shape of my adult life!


Jake Before & After Data & Measurements

Baseline 9/20/22

•Height: 6’3”

•Weight: 241.4 lbs

•BMI (goal ≤24.9, optimal ~22): 30.2 = class I obesity 

•Waist Circumference (goal <40”; optimal ≤37.5”): 42.5” = central adiposity —> increased CV risk

•Hip Circumference: 40.75”

•Waist:Hip Ratio (goal ≤1.0): 1.04 = central adiposity —> increased CV risk

•Waist:Height Ratio (goal ≤0.5): 0.57 = central adiposity —> increased CV risk

•Pant Size: 40

•Shirt Size: 3XL

•Blood Pressure (goal ≤120/80): 152/82 (no medication)

10-Month F/U 7/7/23

•Height: 6’3”

•Weight: 184.2 lbs

•BMI (goal ≤24.9, optimal ~22): 23.0 = normal weight

•Waist Circumference (goal <40”; optimal ≤37.5”): 33.25” = optimal

•Hip Circumference: 37”

•Waist:Hip Ratio (goal ≤1.0): 0.90 = normal 

•Waist:Height Ratio (goal ≤0.5): 0.44 = normal 

•Pant Size: 32 (same size as when we met when Jake was 22 years old)

•Shirt Size: M-L

•Blood Pressure (goal ≤120/80): 104/62 = normal 


 Total Weight Lost: 57.2 lbs

Total % Body Weight Lost: ~ 30%

Glenda T.

I am 69 years old and a nurse practitioner and I was morbidly/severely obese for more than 45

years. I have diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and a couple of other conditions. When

I met Dr. Martha, she changed my life! I have lost a total of 52 pounds so far and I’m feeling

great! Dr. Martha has extensive knowledge and experience with weight management and

keeps up to date with the latest medications and research on obesity medicine.


Dr. Martha taught me that my obesity is a disease and not just because I eat too much. At 69

years old, I never thought I could lose weight, that I was just destined to be fat for the rest of

my life. When I met with Dr. Martha she provided me with real options for weight

management. Of course I have to do my part, watching my diet and trying to exercise as much

as possible.


Dr. Martha is a godsend for me. My chronic medical conditions have improved, I’m taking

much less medication, and I’m feeling wonderful about having to buy smaller clothes (the only

things that fit were my socks!)!


I would 100%, whole heartedly recommend Dr. Martha. She is amazing and is a real blessing to

me. I will forever be grateful for Dr. Martha.


Glenda Before & After Data & Measurements

Baseline 09/01/22

•Height: 5’7”

•Weight: 272 lbs

•BMI: 42.6 = obesity class III

•Pant Size: 30

•Shirt Size: 4XL

•Previous bariatric surgeries: Lap-band x 2

•Diabetic: Taking insulin

10-Month F/U 07/24/23

•Height: 5’7”

•Weight: 215.8 lbs

•BMI: 33.8 = obesity class I

•Pant Size: 18 (wore size 16 in high school and very excited to be back in size 18)

•Shirt Size: XL

•Diabetic: No longer needs insulin 

Total Weight Lost: 56.2 lbs

Total % Body Weight Lost: ~ 21%

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