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Dr. Martha's Unique Approach

Having studied broadly across medical disciplines, Dr. Martha has taken the best parts from each specialty to synthesize a novel, methodical model of health that takes a head-to-toe approach to primary care by prioritizing proactive prevention at every age with the goal of maximizing longevity. This includes implementing a data-driven, evidence-informed approach to optimizing function and balancing your body in the “golden zone” across multiple modifiable, measurable, and trackable health categories that collectively serve as the foundational pillars of human longevity. 


As a longevity medicine specialist, Dr. Martha is known as the “Weight Loss Whisperer” because she takes a whole person, head-to-toe approach to medicine that starts with targeting optimal weight and body composition as the primary foundation of overall human health. Far beyond mere vanity, achieving optimal weight and body composition gets as far “upstream” as possible of today’s chronic diseases to target the underlying root causes of most other medical conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes in addition to fatigue, inflammation, and cancer, which generally occur “downstream” of excess body weight and suboptimal body composition. 


Being a longevity medicine specialist requires long-range vision and proactive prevention across each of the body’s main systems that collectively comprise true health. This mean using our first visit together to take a “baseline inventory of health status,” which tells us your current health trajectory based on the state of how your heart, liver, kidneys, metabolism, hormones, brain function, mental health, and sleep are faring so we can better understand your individual health risk factors and identify opportunities for changing your health trajectory to achieve your personal wellness goals.

As a results-driven practice we genuinely want to know that our approach is actually working for our patients. How do we know that aside from what our patients report? We harness the power of data analytics to measure and track various biometrics and biomarkers over time to see how each person’s health data is trending! For example, while our patents generally report feeling and looking better in about a month, by the 3-month point we can actually prove they’re getting measurably better because we can compare their results with various baseline health data points to see the difference. Within a year, most patients experience a life-changing health transformation and feel empowered to sustain their results over time with occasional support from Dr. Martha. They say things like, “I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to lose weight”, “you really changed my life!” and ”you saved my life!”


For people ready to take control of their health and receive thorough, holistic, individualized care that goes beyond the typical medical experience, we invite them to become a patient themselves and discover the benefits of getting on their very own personalized “Dr. Martha Plan"! 


We invite you to take the first step on your own transformative wellness journey today by submitting a request through our website to become a new patient or by simply texting us at 808-210-4382 for more info!

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